Like My Mom is a fashion clothing brand dedicated to girls and their moms, created by a team of super talented Ukrainian designers (yes, we take pride in our unique design approach!). Like My Mom was founded in 2014 and has been fast growing ever since.

Like My Mom is a brand driven by a dream. In a cold crisp Ukrainian winter of 2014, two sisters have decided to power through the complicated and unstable political and economical situation in the country, and come to their dream about creating stylish and beautiful clothes. That's how Like My Mom was born. The first unique feature of the brand were customizable dresses, with sparkling replaceable accessories, such as collars, cuffs, underskirts and even wings, attached to a relatively simple base dress (or coat, or t-shirt) with button clasps.

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A compromise on quality has never been an option for us. We really wanted to create something special. We tried to choose really cool materials, as well as high-quality fittings from Italy. That significantly increased the cost of production, but we did not want to do it in a different way. It was important to us that the clothes turned out worthy of attention, that moms confidently bought us, and the girls were happy wearing it.

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Our product comes in a limited edition. Every collection is unique and, once sold out, is never repeated again. Currently, this official store is the only place you can buy brand new Like My Mom products in the U.S. We are incredibly grateful to you for taking interest in our brand and wish you a happy shopping with us!